Scientific Studies

Action Steps:

1. Sign and send the attached letter to the following:

Downloadable Letter to School / School Boards / Elected Officials

  • School Principal
  • School Nurse
  • School Superintendent
  • ALL School Board Members
  • Your elected officials (Congressman, State Senators, Assemblymen, Governor)  Find Legislator ( SEE LOCATOR BELOW)

2. Sign the Covid-19 Parental Refusal of Consent form and send to the following and ensure that your child/children carry this with them any time they are at school:

Parent Non Consent Form

  • School Principal
  • School Nurse

3. Sign the Petition and send to the following:


Toolbox files:

Downloadable Flyer

CA SB 871 Links and Letters

Partner Resources:

Facts Law Truth Justice, LLP