Episode 17: First COVID patient in US bio containment shares real story behind media hysteria

On today’s episode, we have an eye-opening conversation with Carl Goldman, one of the very first Americans to contract COVID-19 while on the Diamond Princess cruise ship while on vacation outside of Japan in February 2020. Carl talks about his unexpected journey of quarantine on the ship and then being the first ever COVID patient placed in Omaha, Nebraska’s biocontainment unit originally built for Anthrax. He gives the real story behind the media frenzy surrounding him and his wife who miraculously never tested positive for the virus.

Ep. 16: Unity Project Podcast w/ Dr. Robert Malone

On today’s episode, we have an intriguing and wide-ranging conversation with Dr. Robert Malone, a virology, immunology, and molecular biology scientist as well as the original inventor of mRNA vaccine technology

Ep. 15: Unity Project Podcast w/Curtis Hill

On today’s episode, we have a conversation with Curtis Hill, former Attorney General for the state of Indiana and prosecutor attorney. We discuss the lack of transparency within our government and how simple truths have somehow become a point of controversy. Curtis also shares his perspective on how we have gotten to this divisive and polarizing point as a country, and what Americans still have to be thankful for.

Ep. 14: Unity Project Podcast w/ Jeremy Edwardson

On today’s episode, we have an engaging conversation with Jeremy Edwardson. He is the founder of Red White + Blueprint, a docuseries chronicling a Northern CA community combating unconstitutional mandates. He is also an American singer/songwriter, record producer, audio engineer, mixer, and former lead vocalist of the Seattle-based band, The Myriad.

Ep. 13 Unity Project Podcast with Mark Skousen

In Today’s episode we’re joined by Mark Skousen. He is the founder of FreedomFest, the worlds largest gathering of free minds, a best-selling author, college professor and entrepreneur. 

Ep. 12: Unity Project Podcast w/ Alex Krainer

On today’s episode, we have an enlightening conversation with Alex Krainer, a Monaco-based hedge fund manager, market analyst and author exposing trends of deception in the global commodities industry.

Ep. 11: Unity Project Podcast w/ Nicole Pearson

On today’s episode we talked to Nicole Pearson with Facts, Law, Truth Justice. She is tirelessly working to protect children’s rights and stop the crazy mandates that are happening in the state of California.

Ep. 10: Unity Project W/ Dr. Pierre Kory

Ep. 10: Unity Project w/ Dr. Pierre Kory: The dismantling of healthcare if CA AB 2098 passes On today’s episode, you will hear from Dr. Pierre Kory, Pulmonologist, ICU Critical Care Doctor, and co-founder and President of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).Dr. Kory has been at the forefront of speaking out for medical freedoms and exposing the truth of COVID-19 protocols and vaccine safety.

Ep. 9: Unity Project w/ Nicole Sirotek

On today’s episode Laura Sextro, CEO of The Unity Project, talks to Nicole Sirotek, a registered nurse who travelled to New York City at the beginning of the pandemic and became a voice for the patients who needlessly lost their lives in inner city hospitals. After a video of her begging for help to save her patient’s life went viral, a target was painted on her back.

Ep 8: Getting your kids off the Conveyor Belt of Indoctrination

On today’s episode Laura Sextro, CEO of The Unity Project, talks to Matt Beaudreau, an incredible leader in the alternative education space. In addition to being the founder of Acton Academy Placer and creating institutions all over the world, Matt is an advocate for our youth and co-Founder at Apogee Strong Mentorship Program.

Ep. 7: Unity Project Podcast: How to Kill Bad Bills in CA

On today’s episode Laura Sextro, CEO of The Unity Project, welcomes strategic partners Denise Aguilar and Tara Thornton, co-founders of Freedom Angels. These amazing women have been tirelessly fighting for our freedoms in the California legislature, bringing awareness to communities across the state of what their elected officials are proposing and voting on while moving the needle to kill these bad bills.

Ep. 6: The Unity Project Podcast with Bri Dressen

On today’s episode Laura Sextro, CEO of The Unity Project, has a heartbreaking conversation with Bri Dressen, a previously healthy preschool teacher and mother of two young children who was injured after participating in AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine clinical trial in November 2020. After months of being ignored, she co-founded React-19 – a science-based nonprofit organization, offering financial, physical, and emotional support for those suffering from long-term COVID-19 vaccine adverse events.

Ep. 5: The Unity Project Podcast w/Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

What’s UP? On today’s episode Laura Sextro, CEO of The Unity Project, sits down with Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Chief of Medical Ethics here at the Unity Project. He’s an MD, physiatrist, and for more than 15 years, a Professor of Psychiatry at University of California Irvine School of Medicine and Director of the Medical Ethics Program at UCI Health.

Ep.4- MonkeyPox, Blood Type CV19 reactions & WHO’s power grab

On today’s episode, Laura Sextro, CEO of The Unity Project, talks to Dr. Chris Martenson, co-founder of Peak Prosperity, who has a PhD in toxicology and pathology from Duke and a Masters from Cornell in addition to being on the Strategic Advisory Council here at The Unity Project.

Ep. 3: The Unity Project Podcast with Dr. Paul Alexander

Dr. Alexander talks about the World Health Organization and their latest attempt at a globalist agenda and we got granular around the science of why these vaccines are so dangerous and unnecessary for children

Ep. 2: Unity Project Podcast with Dr. Peter McCullough

What’s UP? On today’s episode, Laura Sextro, CEO of The Unity Project, talks to Dr. Peter McCullough who, many of you know, is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and an outspoken leader in the medical response to COVID-19.

Ep. 1: Unity Project Podcast with Nurse Erin

What’s UP? On today’s episode, Laura Sextro, CEO of The Unity Project, has a very revealing conversation with one of the first frontline COVID whistleblowers and author of the book “Undercover Epicenter Nurse,” Nurse Erin.