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Our County, Our Call: A Community United

Calling all Californians,

As dangerous Covid-19 mandates and restrictions start to reemerge across the country, (ie masking at universities, school closures, potential lockdowns) it’s clear that Governor Newsom is looking to exploit this irrational fear campaign into another emergency and regain his tyrannical and unconstitutional powers over the citizens of California. Since 2020 we’ve seen the destructive government overreach from the state in the name of “safety” and Californians cannot let that happen again!

The real power to protect citizens against the state starts at the local level. The Unity Project has partnered with Red, White & Blueprint to bring you tangible tools and an actual roadmap on how to take back the power of the people at the county level. We invite you to join passionate and concerned Californians from across the state on a live kick-off call to learn about the campaign Our County, Our Call: A Community United.

Date: Wednesday, September 13

Time: 6:30pm PT

Register: CLICK HERE

Why Join the Campaign Kick-Off Call?

  1. Discover the Vision: Learn about the mission and goals of the Our County, Our Call campaign and understand why ensuring local sovereignty is the only path to protecting our communities.
  2. Meet the Team: Hear from the founders of Red, White & Blueprint who recalled their county supervisors during COVID in Shasta County, how they have since brought power back to the people, and how their roadmap can be implemented in counties across the state.
  3. Understand the Roadmap: Gain a deeper understanding of the blueprint and county supervisor pledge, and how it will ensure that our rights remain intact when the next “state of emergency” is enacted at the state or federal level.
  4. Learn about the Strategy: As we dive into the tools and campaign roadmap, you’ll get exclusive insights and strategies on how to connect with local people in your county and activate your own campaign.
  5. Engage and Ask Questions: Participate in a Q&A session discussing how to get involved and next steps for activating boots on the ground in your county.

Our goal is to provide implementable tools with proven success to make real change at the local level. It is our duty as citizens to exercise our rights and hold our elected officials accountable and make sure they put policies in place that protect our communities.

This campaign is about unity, strengthening our community’s voice, and preserving the values that make each county exceptional. Your involvement is crucial in making a difference.

Thank you,

The Unity Project & Red, White & Blueprint team

To secure your spot in this webinar, please register here.

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